Board Leadership Connect Program

Where Talent Meets Opportunity

Indian River County has many capable people in business, nonprofits and retirement.  The county also has several worthy nonprofit organizations which need talent and expertise to join their boards and help meet their goals.  The Board Leadership Connect program, created by IRCares, is a place where talented people and nonprofit opportunities meet.  While we cannot promise to introduce you to a prospective Board member or prospective nonprofit Board, we are creating a network of interested and interesting people to generate this type of synergy.  Let us know your interest and/or need, and we’ll try to match talent with opportunity.

Are you a board member of an Indian River nonprofit looking for talent to fill out your Board of Directors positions?


Would you like to create a diverse and inclusive nonprofit organization with interested leaders in our community?

Are you a talented business person wishing to step into a leadership role to help a local nonprofit organization further its mission?

Are you a young leader wishing to expand your skills by stepping into an internship or assistant leadership role in a nonprofit organization?

You can benefit from registering with our
IRCares nonprofit leadership collaborative!

For Nonprofits:

Who Makes a Great Board Member?

There are no IRS guidelines in place to determine who is certified to be on a board; most any individual can become a board member.  It is best practice to find individuals within the community who have the passion and experience that align with your nonprofit’s mission.  In addition, you probably want to choose some board members who have experience in overseeing business affairs at some level.  These people will be better prepared to advise your nonprofit, compared to those with no management experience.  [Foundation Group]  But you also want balance in a board: fundraising experience  creativity/cultural experience, maybe even previous nonprofit experience. And of course, each organization is going to have unique needs, too. For example, Vero Heriatge is lucky to have an actual historic preservationist on its board!


You might want to bring younger talented people who wish to gain leadership expertise into “Assistant” roles so they learn under a more experienced director.  


A truly great nonprofit board member has a good character, a strong commitment to the cause, the gift of time, and a willingness to use personal and professional resources to advance the organization's mission.  [Board Effect]

For Community Members:

Why Join a Nonprofit Board of Directors?

Wayne Elsey, the founder and CEO of Elsey Enterprises, which serves nonprofits, talks about reasons to become a board director:

“Of course, the primary reason you should serve on a nonprofit board is that you want to make the world a better place and you care about the cause. But, serving on a board and bringing your knowledge, energy, and expertise to the table is something that can not only benefit the organization but you as well.  Many reputable and leading charities have seasoned business leaders serving on their boards. That means, that for those starting out in their careers, or perhaps wanting to get to the next level, serving as a nonprofit board member gives you the chance to meet and network with community leaders.  Additionally, many nonprofits have events, and this is another opportunity to network and connect socially with leaders in the community.”