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The Infinite Mindset for Nonprofits

Presented by Kerry Bartlett, Carter, May 2020

While our community is beginning to open back up – although the nonprofit sector never closed down! – it’s time to begin considering what our respective organizations will be doing 12 and 18 months from now. Instead of looking at what’s on your desk right now or coming up next week, what’s your process, in partnership with your Board, for scanning the horizon based on what has been learned, the successful adaptations to service delivery models, the small and large successes and the ability to respond to changing needs and unforeseen barriers? We have two choices ... to evolve or repeat and repeating probably isn’t best for those you serve now and in the future. What are the top changes you are anticipating 18 months from now? What are your donors’ expectations going to be after a prolonged increase of e-communications and phone calls?

Each of you have been practicing adaptive leadership over the last two or more months. How are you going to build on that stronger “muscle”? And how has your Board’s role expanded or transitioned during this time? How might future expectations of Board member engagement be impacted?

Kerry Bartlett, Managing Director at Carter, will facilitate a 15-20 minute discussion around these questions. She will not be making a presentation; this is an opportunity to engage in a generative discussion using the questions above as thought igniters. In addition, you might want to invest 6 minutes in watching Simon Sinek’s video “There is No Going Back to Normal” (link below) to get yourself into the infinite mindset for this conversation.

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